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Alpine Ski Boots

Head Advant Edge 75 W
The Advant Edge 75W ski boot is the woman ski boot, for the advanced beginner. The ski boot design with its easy entry is a walk in the park and fits the calf perfectly. The inner shoe is lined with fleece and keeps your feet at operating temperature. The anatomical last aligns to your feet and the perfect fit avoids pressure points. In short: a comfortable masterpiece with proven Power Efficient Design. - Last: C 2100cc - Shell: SL - Liner: Women's Comfort liner, Sport frame footbed, 30mm Velcro strap - Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, 1 Supermacro ratchet - Features: Bi-Inj. control frame, Hi-Top tech, Duo flex, Easy entry shell design, Double adjustable cuff
Head Nexo LYT 120 G
NEXO LYT 120 G: the new 100mm shoe. The energy-saving design combines the new Smart Frame with the Evo grip for maximum performance. The revolutionary Liquid Fit technology offers highest wearing comfort and a perfect fit. The shoe can be adjusted quickly and easily at any time. The toe area offers more space and makes the shoe more comfortable. With Duo Flex you experience precise control over your ski on all routes. - Last: S 1850cc - Shell: PU - Liner: Perfect Fit 3D EVO CUSTOM, High Performance Cuff, HP Frame Footbed, 40mm Velcro - Buckles: 4 screwed micro-adjustable Superleggera buckles, 1 super macro lightweight ratchet - Features: Smart Frame, Duo Flex, Firmer / Softer Flex Adjustment, Single Canting
Dalbello DS 110
The brand new Dalbello DS Series stands out with a new construction devoted to delivering optimum all-day comfort in a high-performance, 100mm last, 4-buckle overlap boot. Part of delivering greater comfort lies in building a lighter weight boot, so our Italian designers devised a bi-injected Power Cage construction that consists of a hard PU frame, integrated with a second injection that together results in a lighter, slimmer looking design with great power transmission, cosmetic appeal, and ease of entry/exit. Rearward support is enhanced by an ABS plate integrated in the cuff, with dual canting on the inside and outside. On the medial side of the lower shell, a special textured surface allows us to provide the power transmission of a thicker material without the added weight. A new, lightweight boot board with superior insulation enhances warmth, with an extra shim included to help raise the heel, if needed. All DS models fall under Dalbello's MyFit customization system, with both the Instant Fit Pro liner and shell able to be heat-molded.
Dalbello DS 90 W
Designed around the women´s foot characteristics, the DS 90 W (GW) with POWERCAGE construction, low contour profile and warm and soft liner fit exactly to intermediate to advanced female riders. The combination of performance, comfort, neutral stance and easy handling encourages natural balance and improve ski feel with better control and less fatigue. With My Fit technology and the thermo-formable IF liner, both liner and shell are customizable for a unique fit. The DS 90 W is ready for GripWalk soles for smoother walking comfort and better grip (GripWalk sole inserts available separately).
Dalbello DS AX 80 W
The DS AX 80 W is for intermediate to advanced women skiers who prefer the support of a 4-buckle overlap boot and the comfort of a wider-fit, 101mm last. Powerful and precise with exceptional comfort and foothold, Dalbello´s unique "Fit for Women" concept features the latest POWERCAGE construction for better and longer skiing days without fatigue. Thanks to Dalbello´s MyFit technology, both the thermo-formable Instant Fit liner and the shell can be exactly customized. The GripWalk option allows the exchange of heel and toe sole for relaxed walking comfort and more grip. (GripWalk soles sold separately)
Head Advant Edge 75
Literally, the Advant Edge 75 are the ski boots for your entry into world of skiing, but offer a surprising level of ski control to progress fast. The easy entry and the pleasant interior of the Comfort Liner give you a feeling of well-being, right from the start of your progress. Of course, Power Efficient Design also comes into effect. Hi-Top Tech and Duo Flex transmit your energy directly into pure skiing pleasure. While you put in less effort, the skis give you more rebound than ever. You can hardly wait for the next ride down the hill. - Last: C 2100cc - Shell: SL - Liner: Comfort liner, Sport frame footbed, 40 mm Velcro strap - Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable plastic buckles, 1 Supermacro ratchet, light buckle - Features: Bi-Inj. control frame, Hi-Top tech, Duo flex, Easy entry shell design, Single canting
Head Advant Edge 85
The Advant Edge 85 are the perfect ski boots for the ambitious intermediate. Hi-Top Tech combines leg and shell into one compact unit. The result: better skiing with less effort. Your valuable energy gets directly transmitted to your ski with the maximum amount of control. Duo Flex supports you—you apply more pressure and the flex gets stiffer. Equally, the flex is reactive and elastic. Hence your turns have more power than ever. - Last: C 2100cc - Shell: SL - Liner: Comfort liner, Sport frame footbed, 40mm Velcro strap - Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, 1 Supermacro ratchet, Low profile buckles - Features: Bi-Inj. control frame, Hi-Top tech, Duo Flex, Easy entry shell design, Single canting
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