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3rd Eye Handlebar Mirror
- The original third-Eye bar-End mirror design - Shatter-Proof aluminized glass mirror, Resists discoloration - Mounts to most handlebar bar-End with a rubber, Internal-Expanding plug system
45NRTH Wolvhammer
Originating from the conceptual standpoint of a mountaineering boot, the new and evolved Wolvhammer is lighter, more comfortable, and grippier. The overhauled design features a removable synthetic liner and a three-piece proprietary bottom assembly compatible with flat and clipless pedals. When the cold winter creeps in, Wolvhammer has you covered. - Removable synthetic liner boot for quick drying - 3-piece proprietary bottom assembly is lighter, warmer, and offers more walking traction - Aerogel insulation blocks cold cleats and allows use of preferred insoles without sacrificing warmth - Real rubber outsole with microglass lugs. Comes with removable cleat plate for flat pedal use - Single-zone BOA closure with a gusseted tongue to keep winter elements out and warmth in - Suggested temperature range: 0° F (-18° C) to 25° F (-3° C)
Armada ARV 84 (Long)
Our entry-level all-mountain freestyle twin, the ARV 84 is intentionally built to deliver all you need in a freestyle ski with nothing you don't. It's heavy-duty Cap construction and 2.5 Impact Edge means you don't have to worry about your skis when getting started in the park or hitting features all over the mountain. The ARV 84 will take as much abuse as you can dish out, meaning it won't break and it also won't break the bank.
Armada ARV 96
The ARV 96 is skiing's ultimate handyman-no matter what you throw at it, this ski will get it done. Featuring a Poplar-Ash Core and AR75 Sidewalls, the ARV 96 delivers its signature versatility and a new era of all-mountain freestyle performance with the most responsive feel yet.
Armada Declivity 82 TI
With pure high-speed frontside performance in mind, the Declivity 82 Ti has unmatched stability for the on-trail skier. Showing a more serious side of Armada, it is designed for when conditions are firm, yet a progressive shape profile still allows for excellent versatility. A full AR100 Sidewall provides razor-sharp grip, while our Articulated Titanal Banding lets power build throughout the turn. With an insanely powerful chassis and a tight turn radius, the 82 Ti is the weapon of choice for anyone who wants to drop a hip and carve it up like a pro.
Armada Declivity 92 TI
Built off a platform that excels in any condition, the Declivity 92 Ti screams versatility from ripping high-speed groomers to charging chopped-up powder. A full AR100 Sidewall partnered with our Articulated Titanal Banding provides confident grip on hardpack and allows power to build in a smooth yet predicable way. Pairing light-weight Caruba with a triaxial glass lay-up, we created a high-performance ski that doesn't carry extra weight. No matter what the mountain throws at you, from turning and burning on hardpack to sliding down silky pow, this one-ski-quiver will conquer anything on the hill.
Armada Stranger
The goal was straightforward. Build a 15m radius ski that we can take to the groomers on an average day with friends, carve hard, trick around on, laugh and have a good time. No bottomless pow, no 80-foot booters, no racing gates. Make the most of average conditions at your local resort because piste skiing can be way fun with the right tools. 100mm under foot, featuring a straight-tapered, edgeless butterzone in the tip and a rockered Springboard Tail for endless wheelies and extra pop, the all new Stranger merges carving with freestyle and freeride attributes.
Armada Declivity 88 C R + EM10 Binding/Ski Set
Armada's Declivity 88 C Ski has a solid combination of light nimbleness and rigid stiffness that we look for when we're riding the resort's steepest and iciest. As the second-skinniest ski in Armada's frontside performance series of Declivity skis, this plank provides plenty of maneuverability when yesterday's powder turns to today's moguls. There's a little bit of rocker in the tip to blast through any powdery stashes you might find in the trees. Details Lightweight all-mountain ski for groomers and day-old powder 88mm waist is the second-skinniest ski in the Declivity series Long camber underfoot initiates edge control down icy steeps Rockered tip adds float and helps you break the edge free Caruba wood core with carbon reinforcements for stiffness Sidewalls underfoot with capped tip and tail for lightness Sintered bases skip effortlessly across long flat areas
Armada ARV 116 JJ UL
$799.95 - $950.00
Bringing light to new heights, the ARV 116 JJ UL floats like a butterfly and cuts like a butter knife for a definitive BC freestyle experience. The JJ UL is 25% lighter than the original JJ and has been a team favotite since its inception. With less weight through the tip and tail, the JJ UL utilizes our lightest Caruba Core to create a uniquely lightweight and smooth ride when the going gets deep. Powder hounds, this ski will move fast off the shelves. Act fast, and put this limited edition JJ on your feet.
Armada Declivity 102 TI
With the hard-charging all-mountain skier in mind, the Declivity 102 Ti took the full-throttle thought process of the Declivity X and applied it to a versatile chassis, specifically built for mixed conditions. A full AR100 Sidewall, Articulated Titanal Banding, a light-weight Caruba Core and triaxial glass produce a ski that is incredibly powerful and perfectly damp but doesn't carry excess weight. A fine-tuned flex profile and a modernized shape create a performance driven all-mountain ski with no speed limit attached.
Armada Whitewalker 116
We set out to build Sammy a powder twin tip that is stable enough to charge exposed lines and take big hits with maximum confidence yet light enough for foot-powered backcountry access. A strategically enhanced Caruba Core allows these concepts to merge while the rockered Pin Tip and Tail guarantee quick turn initiation, reduce drag and further lower the swingweight. Lightweight and stable, but offering plenty of release when needed, the Whitewalker perfectly compliments Sammy's laid-back, surf-inspired style that's peppered with sudden bursts of all-out aggression.
Arva Arvs- Glove Liner
$9.95 - $14.95
Thin glove designed to be used as your main glove or a liner.
Kids comfortable multi-purpose balaclava Product description for Arva BALACLAVA XTREM JUNIOR, Black Headgear Children The Balaclava Xtrem Junior by ARVA is a multi-purpose technical balaclava for kids with 6Fit pattern, wind-resistant front panel and optimized breathing holes. In addition to providing enhanced protection in bad weather, the Balaclava Xtrem’s practical design allows you to wear it 4 different ways depending on conditions. With its 6Fit construction, the Balaclava Xtrem Junior by ARVA provides maximum comfort in addition to incredible warmth, even when worn under a helmet. 6Fit Pattern: The upper part of the balaclava is made with 6 panels of fabric to hug the shape of your head. The flat seams reduce chaffing when worn under a helmet Multi-purpose: Use this extremely handy and versatile piece of gear in at least 4 different ways Wind resistant: Extremely effective in protecting you from the wind Maximum ventilation: Ventilated fabric near your mouth makes it easier breath and improves comfort Weight: 65 g
No Image
The Arva Axe Shovel merges the benefits of a shovel and a hoe, so you can dig quickly and efficiently when it counts.
Atomic Savor Big Stereo
Our Atomic Savor Big Stereo goggles are packed with all the latest in ski-eyewear technology. That includes Fusion Double Lens (FDL), our next-generation double lens that is laminated together, providing a massive 20% larger field of vision with no reflections or fogging. With Stereo Lens Technology, the nine layers of high-end mirror coating in the lens increase protection from glare, reduce eye fatigue, and perfectly balance your environment's color for 100% clarity. They're also Over The Glasses compatible (OTG LITE) meaning they fit comfortably over prescription glasses if needed. Enjoy the snow, wherever you go! TECH FEATURES - Cylindrical Fusion Double Lens (FDL) - Live Fit Frame - Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam - Over The Glasses Compatible (OTG LITE) - Stereo Lens Technology - Supreme Anti-scratch Outer Lens (PC) - Hydrophobic Lens Coating - 8x Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC) - Easy Lens Switch - Including Microfiber Goggle Bag - Large Fit - Vent Foam - Silicone-coated Strap
Atomic Bent 85
Designed by Chris Benchetler and skied by the Atomic Freeski team, the Atomic Bent 85 dominates Hollywood lines under the chair and sends in the park. The Atomic Bent 85 is a versatile all-mountain, park-slaying ski designed by Chris Benchetler and the Atomic Freeski team to perform anywhere you want to take it. Whether you're boosting airs in the pipe or busting through afternoon chop, the 85mm waist and All Mountain Rocker keeps everything under control. A compound wood core and Dura Cap Sidewall construction provide a smooth, agile ride with snappy edge-to-edge performance. With topsheet and base art by Chris Benchetler, the Bent 85 will inspire you to ski the mountain as only you can. - Directional Shape: Minimal tail rocker for more edge contact creating better grip and stability. - Light Woodcore: Poplar wood core optimizing the ski's weight without sacrificing any shock absorption or stability. - Densolite Core: A foam core that's agile and dampens vibrations – for effortless skiing. - Dura Cap Sidewall: Sidewall from base to top sheet for great edge grip, with a rounded shape for increased durability. - Resist Edge: For more durability all along the rails.
Atomic Bent Chetler 100
$480.00 - $725.00 $725.00 Up to 34% Off
The most versatile member of the Bent Chetler family, the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 is a go-anywhere, do-everything freeride ski. Designed by ski legend Chris Benchetler, this all-mountain ski is a slimmed down version of the award-winning signature model offering a wide (but not too fat) 100mm waist for maximum versatility. The directional shape of the Bent Chetler 100 features HRZN Tech in the tip and tail for increased surface area and float, a Light Woodcore and generous Powder Rocker for slashing and slarving the entire mountain. The Dura Cap Sidewall offers controlled power transmission and commanding edge grip on harder snow surfaces. Whether its fresh snow, deep untracked, or hard variable conditions, the ski magazines have praised the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 as a "hero ski". - WEIGHT: 1700 G / 180 - SIDE EDGE ANGLE: 87.5° - BASE EDGE ANGLE: 1.0° Tech Features: - Dura Cap Sidewall - Directional Shape - Light Woodcore - HRZN Tech Tip & Tail - Structured Topsheet - Flat - Powder Rocker 20/70/10
Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 S GW
The Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 S GW is a lightweight, narrow-fit alpine boot for all-mountain skiers with a medium build. One of the lightest alpine ski boots available, it's constructed with next-generation Prolite Technology to create a super lightweight and strong boot that is 25% more stable than previous models to deliver supremely agile and powerful skiing. The heat-moldable Mimic Gold liner mimics the precise shape of your foot to create the perfect custom fit. With easier than ever step-in / step-out, Power Shift forward lean adjustability and Cantable GripWalk Grip Pads, the Hawx Ultra 110 S is a ski boot that will make every run feel like a perfectly orchestrated, adventure skier's dream. Compatibility: These boots are compatible with all GripWalk bindings and MNC bindings. Tech Features: - Prolite - Power Shift - Memory Fit - Mimic Technology - 98mm Narrow Last - Energy Backbone - Legendary Hawx Feel - 2nd Power Shift Screw - 13° Power Shift Shim - Liner Spoiler - Size Adjuster Included - Regular Cuff - Shell Material True Flex PU - Mimic Gold Liner - 3M Thinsulate - Cantable GripWalk Grip Pads - 40mm Velcro Strap - 6000-Series Alu Buckle - Forward lean 13°-17° - Shell Rotation 3°
Atomic Redster X7 + M 12 GW
The Atomic Redster X7 combines a versatile Multi Radius Sidecut with dynamic construction properties perfect for all-season piste skiing. The Atomic Redster X7 is a ski that knows what it's doing. Like all the skis in the Redster X range, it's got Atomic's Multi Radius Sidecut, so every turn is locked in and precise—long or short, no turn is misplaced. The Redster X7 is a versatile ski for on-piste skiing built with TI Powered laminate and Power Woodcore for torsional stiffness and stability. Dura Cap Sidewall construction provides next-level edge hold and all-season durability. It's the perfect ski to grab when you want to maximize your fun on the groomers. - Multi Radius Sidecut: The best of slalom and giant slalom – playful, short turns and smooth long turns in one ski. - TI Powered: A Titanal layer for shock absorption, high stability and torsional flex. - Power Woodcore: A dynamic ash and poplar core that adds a ton of stability and dampens vibrations at speed. - Dura Cap Sidewall: Sidewall from base to top sheet for great edge grip, with a rounded shape for increased durability.
Blackcrows Atris Junior 156
$449.96 $839.90 46% Off
A great mid-fat all terrain ski with a lot of playfulness. The flex is constant and progressive, and with a light weight, the atris junior is super easy to handle. The radius (18 m) drives well, the progressive and supple flex makes it easy to handle and adapted to progression , whereas its side lines give a very effective and stable edge. Creativity for the youngs on all types of terrain.
Blackcrows Camox Jr
Designed for 14-18 year olds, the Camox Junior is very lively with a 16-17 metre radius and has enough width to be comfortable anywhere. Its forgiving flex makes it very accessible and grippy. Its classic camber and double rocker offer pivot and ease of steering. A wild ski for wild kids.
Blackcrows Atris Jr
The Atris Junior is a super mid-fat with a playful soul. The flex is constant and progressive and, thanks to its lightness, it is very easy to manoeuvre. The radius (18m) makes it easy to ride and the progressive flex makes it easy to learn. The ribbed lines give it a good grip and it's a ski made for youthful creativity on all types of terrain.
Blackcrows Captis
This is a brand new version of this popular blackcrows ski, accessible and more sensual than before. Its freestyle heritage and reasonable width make it an all-terrain ski that holds its edge well for carvers, and is easy to steer to suit all styles. This new version is more incisive but also more playful, a pleasure to enjoy all winter in all conditions.
Blackcrows Vertis
Dynamic and playful, the Vertis is a short radius ski (15 meters) designed for vitality. With its 85mm width underfoot, it benefits from very fast edge-to-edge transition which accentuates the pleasure of carving. Both accessible and powerful thanks to its intermediate flex, the Vertis is the ultimate blackcrows piste ski.
Blackcrows Vertis Birdie
With a lighter core and a softer flex than its universal avatar, the Vertis Birdie is the preferred choice for women skiers who want an accessible, high performance, on-piste machine. With its short radius (15 meters) and 85mm at the base, it benefits from a very fast edge-to-edge transition that makes it a pleasure to ride. With three intermediate sizes (152, 159, 169), the Vertis Birdie is our women's piste ski par excellence.
Blackcrows Camox
This unbeatable all-terrain toy is known for its forgiveness and playfulness. Its progressive flex makes it a great ski for progression, supporting its freestyle-derived playful DNA. Its long effective edge gives it good stability and a big grip at high speed. Creativity for all on every type of terrain.
Blackcrows Camox Freebird
An all-new take on the famous Camox Freebird, here's a ski that's gradually softened underfoot, with balanced torsion and a cool spirit ready for anything. It is a ski for those who want to have fun in all conditions, which favors skiability over performance, and which offers a pleasant grip at the service of a benevolent rhythm. Forgiving and light, voluntary and progressive, the Camox Freebird accompanies all skiers towards a fairer and more balanced universe.
Blackcrows Serpo
All available evidence seems to confirm that Black Crows can only make fun skis. Everything they dream up is somehow playful, lively, and just a really good time on snow. And that's even true when they add metal to their traditional wood core. Instead of feeling burly or unwieldy, the H-frame metal backbone of the Justis and Serpo (new for this winter) makes them feel smoother and more energetic. Like everything with Black Crows it's hard to explain, but it works. At 93mm-wide, the Serpo is, essentially, a slimmer version of the 100mm-waisted Justis. A deep rocker profile eases turn initation while adding extra float in the soft stuff. A medium-stiff flex and medium-long turn radius gives the Serpo an incredibly wide range of applications: it's equally at home straightlining corduroy at full speed or making quick, short turns through tight trees. With a faster edge-to-edge transition than the Justis, the Serpo is the better choice for skiers who lean more toward aggressive frontside carving versus off-piste powder-hunting, but you won't be disappointed either way. Black Crows has never let us down.
Blackcrows Serpo
The Serpo is a young and lively ski in the range for curving on the piste and poking a bit off-piste. With 93mm at the base, it is a good carver, it is there to really play with the terrain with its tolerant flex but it also has positive response thanks to its metal layer for grip and stability, For all that, its performance does not erase the ease and pleasure of the game.
Blackcrows Atris
Atris This is the third edition of this iconic blackcrows ski that first appeared in 2014. For this new 2022 version, it is slightly refined, to gain even more accessibility and versatility. It is truly the everyday big mountain ski, for skiers who like powder but who want impeccable behaviour in all conditions. The lines have been revised and will distinguish it from its predecessors for the discerning eye, but the essential is inside, for a ski that achieves its objectives and delights the heart of the most demanding ones.
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