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Snowboard Boots

Head JR Boa
The point of a Junior boot is to make a kid’s time on the hill as comfortable, stress-free, and fun as possible. These are exactly the qualities HEAD endowed the JR Boa with: An integrated shell and liner, as well as Boa Fit System, mean that the boot is a doddle to slip on and off, while a subtle forward lean and flex make climbing the learning curb fun. Add to this a two-size foot bed and you have a boot that is easy on kids as well as their parents' wallets. - Boa: The Boa lacing system allows a boot to be fastened with the turn of a dial and loosened in a snap: No more fumbling with laces in the cold. - Trace JR Outsole: The Trace JR provides supreme grip, dampening & stability for groms’ feet. Centered TPR rubber studs deliver traction, while the main frame provides world-class foot support and stability. - Comfort Cuff: The Comfort Cuff delivers added flex on the medial side of the boot for added comfort and a more natural flex. - Linerless: Linerless boots are the most easy way to get young kids in and out of a snowboard boot. All padding is integrated into the shell so you don’t need to worry when putting on the boots for youngsters. - 2 Size Footbed: The 2 Size Footbed enables a boot to grow with kids. Fit, comfort and budget are all considerations when buying kids gear. So making a boot that adapts to growing kids makes sense all round. - Flex Index 3: forgiving & comfortable flex for the JR's - 7° Forward Lean: For rookies and easy riders.
Head Operator Boa
The Operator Boa is the SUV among the winter boats. It meets all the demands of winter and can be used for all cold season activities, especially snowboarding. This versatility is a great advantage for employees of the winter sports industry as well as for consumers. The shoe will keep you warm in temperatures down to -40°, the vulcanized sole provides water resistance, and the rubber sole provides perfect support, no matter what the day brings. The Boa Fit System ensures the perfect fit. - Boa: The Boa lacing system allows you to lace the boat by turning it on a wheel and open it with one click. No more shoelace fumbling in the cold. - Multipurpose Use: This boat has been designed for a wide variety of uses, from cold winter days to snow-hiking and even snowboarding. - Super Gripper Brine: The Supergripper sole is designed for those who need good grip and stability when running and snowboarding. The pronounced rubber profile offers an extraordinary grip on almost all surfaces. EVA insoles provide good cushioning and protect the foot from the cold at the same time. - Vulcanized Rubber Bottom: The entire lower part of the boot is made of first-class vulcanized rubber. This makes the bottom area completely waterproof to keep your feet dry, even when you're walking for hours in wet snow or stepping into a puddle. - Firetech Liner: The Firetech liner is an extremely cold-resistant liner to -40 ° C, tested to ISO 20877: 2011. It combines the comfort of a winter boot with the performance of a snowboard boot. The tongue is attached to the outside of the liner, so it can be opened wide to easily slip in and out of the boat. - Head Shield: An additional silver foil in the midsole of the liner reflects the heat produced by the body to keep your feet warm. - Flex Index 4: very forgiving flex for adults - 7° Forward Lean: For beginners and easy riders
Deeluxe D.N.A
With a look and feel inspired by a trusted pair of sneakers, the DNA is the freshest addition to DEELUXE’s freestyle line. No wonder it’s quickly emerged as a favorite among riders who spend their days jibbing and lapping the park. And whether you rock things wild or mild, this iconic boot is available in a range of designs, including a special team-inspired Player colorway. With a slightly softer flex, the DNA pairs out-of-the-box comfort with all of the features you need to have a great day slaying the slopes or seeking out kickers and rails. Combining the best of both worlds, its traditional laces offer a classic ride and appearance while the boot’s BOA® Fit System allows you to quickly and effortlessly attain a precise fit in the heel and ankle area. A Power Strap delivers additional support at the shin to further enhance response. Especially thin, the DNA’s deconstructed-style Jib Tongue is paired with a grippy Skate Flex sole to directly transfer power and maximize boardfeel. And thanks to its Stage 2 liner, the boot provides an incredible ride from day one. The only downside? The DNA is so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing it long after you step off the snow.
Through the years, riders across the globe have turned to the ID as their go-to boot. And by now pairing it with the BOA® Fit System, we’ve given them all the more reason to love this iconic model. Two BOA® dials allow you to inde-pendently adjust the upper and lower zones of the boot, maximizing performance and comfort. And thanks to its Pro Flex construction, the ID Dual BOA features the perfect blend of flex and stability. It comes as no surprise that this boot was chosen for the Whitelines 100 Award when it made its debut last season. No matter the terrain or the conditions, the ID Dual BOA elevates your game.
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