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Avalanche Safety Gear

Ever wish you could have a two-way radio that could pair with your favorite headphones, wireless headset, Bluetooth earpiece, speaker, microphone, or helmet intercom system for a true wireless communication system? Now you can with the Renegade X radio. The Renegade X has a built-in Bluetooth chip that will allow you to pair with your favorite listening device while still transmitting in two-way radio frequencies. Why would you want to pair a headset intercom with a two-way radio instead of talking intercom to intercom? Because Bluetooth radio waves have a very short range and have connectivity issues as you get further away or out of line-of-site. Two-way radio waves travel much further and will never get disconnected from each other, unlike GPS navigation. By pairing your helmet intercom with the Renegade X, you get the best of both worlds, the convenience of a helmet intercom with the range of two-way radio. The Renegade X comes with our patented mounting system to securely attach the radio to any backpack shoulder strap and is compatible with our other Bluetooth accessories. The Renegade X and Renegade 2.0 were specifically designed from the ground up to withstand the harshest environments. By taking feedback on the original Renegade two-way Bluetooth walkie talkies from snowmobile industry athletes and professionals such as Dan Adams, Matt Entz, the Boondockers, and many more, we created the X and 2.0 radio platforms. Thought was put into every element of the radio, from the button layout, the increased waterproofing and moisture proofing, user interface, and more, to make this the ultimate backcountry radio. The entire inside face of the radio mic and speaker is sealed with a waterproof membrane to ensure the mic and speaker never freeze over. The PTT button is completely sealed so no moisture even on the coldest, deepest, wettest powder days will ever prevent the PTT button from functioning properly. Here at Oxbow, we take backcountry communication seriously, and we have created a serious radio to provide reliable communication no matter the conditions. We know that when you are in the backcountry, reliable communication can literally be the difference between life and death. The license free Renegade X radio has 22 channels with 121 sub-channels. The removable lithium ion battery and power saver technology provides for 36+ hours of use. Transmitting at the U.S. legal limit of 2 watts, the walkie talkie has line-of-site range of 25 miles and a backcountry range of 1-5 miles. The two way radio also has a VOX (voice activation) function as well as a “future” remote PTT button pairing mode (stay tuned). NOTE: NEVER TURN ON THE BLUETOOTH MODE WHILE VENTURING INTO BACKCOUNTRY AVALANCHE TERRAIN. BLUETOOTH RADIO WAVES CAN INTERFERE WITH AVALANCHE BEACONS AND MAY PREVENT YOUR BEACON FROM WORKING PROPERLY. THE BLUETOOTH FUNCTION CAN BE TURNED OFF/ON BY THE PUSH OF A BUTTON. Backed by a 2 year warranty, we stand by our products.
The Arva Reactor 18 Airbag Backpack is a smaller backcountry backpack that's perfect for speedier missions. In the event of an avalanche, the airbag can be deployed to increase your total surface area and increase your chances of ending up on the surface of the slide. The Reactor system, which is one of the lightest on the market, inflates around your head and neck when deployed, and features two air chambers for added reliability in case one gets punctured during the avalanche. The handle is fully configurable so you can adjust it to the natural motion of your arm, making it easier and faster to deploy in an emergency. For longer missions, you can remove the Reactor system and put it in one of Arva's larger packs. The pack itself has everything you need for some quick powder laps. A separate compartment for your shovel and probe means you can easily access them in an emergency without having to root around in the pack, and a ski, snowboard, and ice axe carry ensure you're always equipped for bootpacks up steep couloirs. Even though the pack itself isn't that large, Arva equipped the shoulder straps, waist belt, and back panel with plush foam for comfortable carrying as you sniff out the fresh.
A STREAMLINED DESIGN FOR THOSE WHO LEAD THE WAY Designed with high-performance materials for freeride skiing or snowboarding, the ST26 AIRBAG is also excellent when traveling or touring. Designed with all of the key features in our SKI TRIP range, the ST26 AIRBAG is an extremely refined, streamlined, and practical backpack. For avalanche safety, the ST26 AIRBAG is equipped with the ARVA REACTOR avalanche airbag system, the lightest, most compact, and high-performance dual airbag system on the market. The tough N400D PU2 coated fabric and YKK AquaGuard waterproof zips mean that the ST26 AIRBAG holds up in the harshest weather and conditions. To help stay organized, we designed the 26L with 4 specific compartments for stowing your snow-safety equipment, your goggles, and any small valuables. When your trip requires technical performance, use the removable straps to carry all the gear you need, whether skiing, snowboarding, or even splitboarding. For your comfort, the ST26 AIRBAG includes a heat-formable back panel as well as our 3D-FIT technology to offer a fantastic fit to all body shapes and sizes. The ST26 AIRBAG is compatible with our SWITCH technology. The ST26 AIRBAG includes two components: the ST26 SWITCH COVER + the REACTOR SWITCH FRAME KEY BENEFITS OF THE ARVA REACTOR AVALANCHE AIRBAG SYSTEM: Double the safety: 2 separate airbags. The lightest avalanche airbag system on the market: 680 g. The most powerful inflation system on the market. Airbags shaped to protect your head and maximize the rise-to-surface effect in an avalanche. Trigger handle ergonomically positioned and designed. You can remove the canister from the system to practice pulling the trigger handle. No electronics or batteries to manage. Removable system compatible with all ARVA REACTOR packs. Warning: Cartridge not included
Backcountry Gear at Ridgeline Bike and Ski in Boise Idaho. The EVO4 holster has been designed to allow optimal use of the device. The EVO4 ON/OFF button connection cord allows the user to attach the device easily to the holster.
Ridgeline Bike and Ski can re-fill your cartridge. New refillable steel cylinder for the Reactor avalanche airbag system (North America only). Sold pre-filled. High strength steel cylinder. In accordance with DOT/TC regulations and International Air Transport Association (IATA table 2.3.A) regulation for baggage carried by passengers. Must be refilled by manufacturer.
The EVO5 holster has been designed to allow optimal use of the device. The EVO5 connection cord with a carabiner allows the user to attach the device to the holster easily. The waist strap can be disconnected from the holster and transformed into a belt.
The Arva Evo5 Avalanche Beacon is the newest iteration of Arva's successful Evo line of beacons - and this one is more compact and simple to use than ever. Checking all the boxes with a 50m search strip width, multiple buried victims indicator, group check, mark function, and an automatic revert-to-transmit mode, the Arva Evo5 also happens to weigh a paltry 170g and fits in the palm of your hand.
The ARVA Radio Walkie-Talkie Holder Black is a versatile accessory designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who rely on walkie-talkies for communication in remote locations. This holder is made from durable black material that ensures the safety and security of your walkie-talkie during various outdoor activities. With adjustable straps and a secure buckle closure, the holder easily attaches to backpacks and suitcases, offering convenience and easy accessibility. Its compact size and lightweight design allow for comfortable carrying without adding extra bulk. The ARVA Radio Walkie-Talkie Holder features a durable construction that ensures optimal protection against shocks, impacts, and scratches. It effectively shields your walkie-talkie from dirt, dust, moisture, and other elements to maintain its functionality and longevity. This holder is designed to provide quick and hassle-free access to your walkie-talkie, allowing you to stay connected with your team or group while on the move. It also features a clear plastic window that allows for easy viewing of the screen and controls, eliminating the need to remove the walkie-talkie from the holder. Whether you are hiking, camping, skiing, or engaged in any outdoor activities that require consistent communication, the ARVA Radio Walkie-Talkie Holder Black is an essential accessory that ensures the safety and reliability of your walkie-talkie. Its sleek design, durability, and convenience make it a practical choice for both professionals and recreational users. Do not wait any longer and buy Arva Radio Walkie-Talkie Holder. For any other information about the characteristics of Arva Radio Walkie-Talkie Holder, you can get in contact with trekkinn through our contact page. trekkinn offers an exclusive collection of Backpacks and suitcases for outdoor and other leisure activity. Our Backpacks and suitcases will ensure you enjoy your sport and daily activity and make your life more comfortable with our unique range of Accessories articles.
ArVA’s flagship technical backpack for over 10 years, the rescuer 32 continues to evolve, providing maximum comfort to the most demanding backcountry enthusiasts while keeping the back-panel opening that has always made this pack so unique. the ventilated foam shoulder straps and waist belt, as well as the back panel designed with Alu-fit technology, make the lightweight rescuer 32 incredibly comfortable to carry. the dedicated shovel shaft and probe sleeves combined with the front pocket for the shovel blade means quick access to your snow-safety gear without wasting space. comfortable on any terrain and easy to use, with multiple pockets to stow your gear, this pack will save you time and energy all day long.
$709.95 - $729.95
Take the pack that takes you further.With the TOUR25/TOUR32’s large carrying capacity and loads of accessories, head out for amazing adventures in the backcountry both summer and winter.We based the design of this ski touring pack on three main components: comfort, functionality, and respect for the environment. Comfort: The shape of the shoulder straps and soft, wrap-around waist belt are designed for a perfect fit. Our AERO-BACK TECHNOLOGY back panel is flexible, ventilated, and provides a comfortable buffer between your back and the contents of your pack. For a more supple feel and to lighten the load, remove the back panel to shave off an extra 75 g!Functional: The quick-access external pockets are the defining feature of the TOUR range. The elastic pockets on the waist belt and shoulder straps provide easy access to any essentials that you may need at a moment’s notice, such as your gloves, a beanie, a flask, your sunglasses… Use the two large and robust elastic side pockets to stow your skins, a water bottle, or even a fleece. You’ll be amazed at just how much you have right at your fingertips! Take full advantage of all the other standard features included in a technical ski pack, like the ski, splitboard, and pole carry system, a dedicated shovel/probe pocket, and ice axe loops. Eco-friendly: 100% of the fabrics used for the TOUR series are recycled. We use a 330D MIPAN REGEN-ROBIC recycled polyamide, as well as 200D and 300D recycled polyester. Our backpacks are also PFC-FREE.
$99.95 - $164.95
Updated for enhanced performance, yet still eco-designed, this year’s CALGARY 26 is made with new materials and enjoys increased durability with its new reinforced water-resistant front panel. Freeride enthusiasts will really like the ADJUSTED STABILITY form-fitting waist belt that makes for an incredibly stable pack on even the toughest descents. The two pockets on the waist belt provide quick access to any useful items or tools. Capable of carrying the widest skis, a snowboard, or an ice axe, this pack is the ideal companion for riding the perfect line. Your snow-safety gear is easily accessible in a large, dedicated pocket.
$159.95 - $189.95
Built with the mountain guide, crusty local, and dedicated backcountry skier in mind, the Rescuer Pro 25L Backpack offers the highest quality construction from ARVA’s line. The slew of backcountry skiing-specific features include a close-fitting feel for freeride and sidecountry objectives where downhill performance matters. Cordura reinforced fabric is designed to take a beating, perfect for day-in and day-out use.
The Arva D3O Chest Protector is the new protection from Arva. In collaboration with D3O, the new chest protector has been designed to meet the needs of users of the Ride Vest 15+. The Ride Vest has been redesigned, to make room for these protectors. It is an essential accessory for snowmobile enthusiasts, as it protects you from all types of impacts such as: rocks, sticks, poles, etc.
Arva's Evo4 Combo Kit is perfect for anyone; from beginners to those experienced in the backcountry. This set of avalanche safety tools includes the Evo4 Transceiver, the Access 240 Probe and the Access Shovel. This is Arva's most budget friendly set of backcountry safety gear. The Evo4 Beacon is simple yet reliable. It features a 40m strip width and has group check mode to test transmit frequency and power. A multiple burial indicator displays a "+" when more than 3 victims are buried. 3 antennas improve chances of finding a signal and digital signal processing will guide the rescuer more efficiently to the burial zone. Auto-test lets the device run a diagnostic to verify that all the main functionalities are working properly The backlit screen provides exceptional visibility. It is equipped with Arva's Clip for Safe System that ensures that the device automatically switches on when the user clips int the shoulder strap. Weight is 240g including batteries. The Access 240 is lightweight, reliable and will work fore more out in the backcountry. The probe is 2.4m when fully deployed, 6 segments 40cm long. The tubes are 11mm in diameter. It is made of strong and durable 7075 aluminum tubing and features an ultra lightweight Kevlar tension cord. The flash lock system uses a quick and effective knot to lock your probe when deployed. Cone inserts make it easy to assemble the tube segments. Precise markings on probe indicate snow depth. The Access shovel is now available with a 2mm which reinforced blade and provides balance between weight, packability and shoveling efficiency. Overall shovel length is 64cm and overall weight is 510g. The oval aluminum shaft is 43cm long. The strong and durable aluminum blade is 24cm in length, 24cm wide and 2.0mm thick. The pin lock system mechanism makes it quick and easy to put the blade and shaft together. 3 pieces of avalanche safety tools Evo4 Transceiver Access 240 Probe Access Shovel
The EVO5 holster is designed as a more traditional means of carrying your transceiver and an alternative to any pocket carry. The EVO5 tether cord is equipped with a carabiner that allows the user to easily clip their device to the holster. This holster allows users to choose between wearing the shoulder strap on the right or left. The waist strap detaches from the holster and can be used as a belt.
With a search strip width of 80 m and Bluetooth technology, it will appeal to both professionals and the new generation of backcountry enthusiasts. Users can connect their NEO BT PRO to the ARVA app to access a wide range of services, including setting up their transceiver, planning an outing, or even practicing rescues. Experts will appreciate the enhanced analog mode with automatic calibration and a maximum range of 90 meters. For multiple burial situations, the SCROLLING mode offers rescuers maximum efficiency during the search phase. The NEO BT PRO is equipped with a soft holster to fit a wide range of body types.
Elevate your safety to the next level with the Arva Reactor Airbag Ride 15+ Vest 2024. This innovative piece of gear combines the convenience of a vest with the life-saving technology of an airbag. It's designed for riders who demand the best in avalanche safety without compromising freedom of movement. With a 15-liter capacity and an integrated Reactor airbag system, it offers unparalleled protection in the event of an avalanche. Stay safe while shredding your favorite slopes!
$529.99 $709.95 25% Off
The Arva Reactor 15 vest is perfect for those that access the backcountry or sidecountry terrain with a snowmobile, helicopter, or even lifts. Its small size is a little misunderstood. This vest holds a bunch and even has carry straps (sold separately) for your skis to go on the back when the skin track is too steep or for those boot packs just out of bounds in the sidecountry. Fitted with an avalanche airbag, this vest could save your life when an avalanche is triggered. Pick one of these up before you are out in the backcountry. Don't forget to pack your probe, shovel, and beacon.
$59.99 $69.95 14% Off
Equipped with our RACK LOCK cable tension system and compact tube segments, the SKI TRIP probe is a true ally in any rescue situation. Compact and lightweight, this probe will fit perfectly into any gear kit for skiers and snowboarders who love to travel and explore snow-covered terrain. Weight 290 g
Lightest Canister! Ridgeline can re-fill any canister! If you're an outdoor enthusiast who appreciates the best of the best, the Arva carbon avalanche airbag canister is a must-have piece of safety equipment. Compatible with all Reactor series of backpacks and vests, these products are designed to help protect you in the event of an avalanche, increasing your chances of survival and allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors with confidence. This product comes pre-filled and is also refillable within Arva's network of Refill Centers across the US and Canada. Canister airbag systems are the most proven products in the field, and Arva's simple and efficient design is the lightest complete system in the world, while maintaining high safety standards including strong inflation power and a rigid dual-chamber airbag. The Reactor series is a result of attention to detail and an evolution of many years experience in avalanche safety. Never worry again about leaving a pack at home because of weight, and with its balanced and light-weight design you will appreciate every minute of use. Refillable carbon cartridge is eco-freindly and has a capacity of 250ml to maintain inflation performance with low weight. It can be filled with compressed air (EN 12021 standard) within Arva's network of Refill Centers, or anywhere in the US with Arva's mail-in refill service. In compliance with North American standards ISO11119-2 USA/M0812 IA18 as well as with IATA regulations (table 2.3.A) for the air transport of luggage by passengers internationally. With North American travel TSA requires canister to be empty and cap and fitting to be removed. Any specific questions feel free to email Arva at
Equipped with a carbon-fiber shaft, their lightest shovel is designed for racing. The RACE ski mountaineering shovel is the ultra-light model in the range. Designed for competition, this product complies with ISMF and PDG standards. Weight: 300g
When you're heading out into deeper snow, the Arva Rescue 300 Probe is the probe you need to locate victims quickly and precisely.
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