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All-Mountain Skis

The Blaze 106 W is a light, agile powder ski that is constructed with maneuverability in mind. The thin Titanal Binding Platform underfoot harnesses power with little effort, creating an incredibly enjoyable and dynamic turning experience, immediately from initiation. In narrow terrain and/or rough conditions their reaction time is impressive, especially for a powder-width ski. Their full-length Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore and overall design target short-turn-oriented skiers, but the sidecut’s three-radius technology adapts to almost every riding style. In addition to ripping around the resort, the Blaze 106 W’s also transition into capable freeride touring skis because of their lightweight, yet powerful nature. With the addition of the Suspension Tip, a rubbery, shock-absorbing material on the tip and tail edges, the Blaze 106 W rides high through pow, crud, and wind-buffed snow with playful power. Details: - Tip width: 146 - Waist width: 106 - Tail width: 128 - Sidecut radius center: 0 - Binding plate premounted: no - 3D Radius Sidecut - Suspension Tips & Tails - Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Tip & Tail Rocker - Titanal Binding Platform - Base P-Tex 2100 - Recommended binding: 7933U1.MB KINGPIN 13 100-125MM BLACK/RED;7831T1.CW KINGPIN MWERKS 12 100-125MM BLACK/RED;7550U1.EB DUKE PT 12 125MM BLACK/RED;7524U1.GJ GRIFFON 13 ID 110MM ANTHRACITE/BLACK/RED
The introduction of the Mantra marked the beginning of Völkl's powerful freeriding ski line – for those who want to ride free without any restrictions but with all the control of a sporty all-mountain design. The Blaze series adds a new dimension for intuitive freeriders who like performance but appreciate a playful, agile feel as well The Blaze 94 weighs just 1,566 g (@ 179 cm) and is a highly versatile ski for outstanding performance in almost any condition. A 0.3 mm thick Titanal binding platform provides direct power transfer and builds pressure quickly for a fast response when switching edges. The ski's faster, more direct response is especially welcome in narrow and rough terrain – and takes less effort too. The secret largely lies in the 3D radius sidecut. The Blaze is designed primarily for short, fast turns, but its three different radii and tip-to-tail hybrid multi-layer wood core adapt to any riding style, however ambitious. Another notable feature is the suspension tip. An elasticated, rubbery material on the tip and tail acts like a bumper, especially in wind-blown and tracked conditions, making the ski more settled and providing fantastic flotation. The Blaze is popular for freeride touring too, thanks to its light weight. That's why Völkl also offers Smart Glue skins tailored to each Blaze model. - Binding plate premounted: no Recommended binding: - 7933U1.MA KINGPIN 13 75-100MM BLACK/RED - 7831T1.CS KINGPIN MWERKS 12 75-100MM BLACK/RED - 7650U1.ES DUKE PT 16 100MM BLACK/GUNMETAL - 7624U1.JB JESTER 16 ID 100MM BLACK/GRAY - 7524U1.GB GRIFFON 13 ID 100MM BLACK
A waist width of 108 mm and a Titanal frame for the experienced and highly athletic free-rider. If you like going really steep and fast off-piste, you’ll quickly appreciate the stability and shock absorption offered by the 0.7 mm thick Titanal frame that surrounds the highly stressed tip and tail areas. A 0.3 mm Titanal sheet in the binding area furthermore provides the necessary rigidity. With 108 mm under the boot, the ski delivers maximum flotation, even in deep powder. In combination with the Titanal frame and carbon tips, the integrated 3D radius sidecut allows precise power transmission and a smooth ride coupled with uncompromising liveliness and turning behavior such as never before experienced with Titanal skis! - Dimensions: 146-108-129 - Sidecut Radius Center: 16 - Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Base P-Tex 2100 - Full Sidewall - Titanal Frame - Carbon.Tip - Tip & Tail Rocker - Binding Plate Premounted: No - Recommended Bindings: 7924W1.JV Jester 18 Pro ID; 110 mm;7624U1.JC JESTER 16 ID 110MM BLACK/GRAY
This is the second ski to come from the Built Together Team. And as before, hours, days and months of testing preceded the final design. Beneath the fantastic creatures and spirit animals lies a tip and tail rocker ski with full sidewall, 3D radius sidecut and a durable P-Tex 2100 base. “... Jibbing, jumping kickers, or out in the backcountry – the Revolt 104 is fun wherever you take it and extremely versatile as well. The graphics are fantastic too and they never get boring, because you keep discovering new things in them,” says Paddy Graham. Enough said.
Take a pinch of the powder-loving Secrets 102, add a little of the Kenya 88’s piste expertise, and you get the deliciously versatile combination of the Secret 96. A tailored Titanal frame and tailored carbon tips give this ski the same composure, but make it a little lighter. A 3D radius sidecut lets you master turns on any terrain, and a 96 mm waist can cope with almost any depth of snow without impairing performance in either direction. If you’re the type of person who’s ready to embrace almost any condition, then the Secret 96 is the ski for you. Details: - Dimensions: 135-96-119 - Sidecut Radius Center: 11 - Tip & Tail Rocker - Tailored Carbon Tips - Tailored Titanal Frame - Full Sidewall - 3D Radius Sidecut - Base P-Tex 2100 - Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Binding Plate Premounted: no - Recommended Binding: 7524U1.GF GRIFFON 13 ID 100MM WHITE
$649.00 $750.00 13% Off
When your all-mountain ski needs to also go forward, backward and spin around with ease, it's time to look into the Head Oblivion 102 Skis as a necessary addition to the quiver. Designed with the full cooperation of Cole Richardson, who's been bringing the park to the peaks for years, the Oblivion 102 is a fully twin-tipped big mountain charger that won't weigh you down when you're trying to stick multiples but holds its own when you really need to straightline the exit.
The high-performance KORE 91 W has a lightweight construction and vibration-absorbing properties, which means more energy for carving up the frontside, exploring the backside or getting a great workout while touring. HEAD blends core materials designed to reduce weight without sacrificing performance including Graphene fused into the rockered tip and tail, light but stiff Karuba wood, and triaxle woven carbon. HEAD's new topsheet shape adds durability to this easy-to-turn freeride ski.
$749.00 - $875.00 $875.00 Up to 14% Off
An all-mountain specialist, the KORE 93 can carve up corduroy, conquer tough snow conditions or offer lightweight performance for touring. HEAD's KORE construction creates a more nimble freeride ski thanks to the combination of Graphene, Karuba wood and carbon, which adds strength and performance without extra weight. Topless Tech carbon weave adds torsional rigidity where needed, while a new topsheet shape increases durability. A sandwich sidewall construction and tip and tail rocker round out the KORE 93's ability to perform well on hard snow, powder and everything in between.
$200.00 - $400.00
The Monster Easy JRS makes skiing friendly and fun. The Monster Easy JRS gives boys control, stability, and a friendly flex all in a cool, monster package. HEAD's Junior Easy technology means the ski, binding, and plate work together to create a soft flexing ski, allowing the ski to arc a turn with less energy. As a bonus, the skis are light to carry and the bindings are a cinch to enter and exit. Big adventure seekers will tire less quickly so they'll have more energy to explore the mountain. FEATURES: - Jr. Power Frame - ERA 2.0 - E Base black - Structured Surface - Junior Rocker - Plate: JRS Base Binding: - 100887 JRS 4.5 GW CA Brake [I] 80 mm - 100886 JRS 7.5 GW CA Brake [H] 78 mm Weight without binding: 1920g @ Length: 127* *production-related deviations must be taken into account TECHNOLOGIES ERA 2.0 ERA 2.0 is everything ERA 3.0 has to offer as far as design, performance, and geometry integration, but without the addition of "Rebound" with its piezoelectric elements. EASY4 EASY4 - the new standard for kids' skiing equipment. Providing ski and binding sets that are perfectly matched in terms of easy handling, flex, weight, and step-in. DISCLAIMER: *Please note that the selected HEAD ski can only be used in combination with certain HEAD or TYROLIA bindings, which need to be mounted, adjusted, and serviced by an authorized sporting goods retailer or an authorized technician. Warranties will be void if the bindings are not mounted, adjusted, and serviced accordingly.
$749.00 $1,224.00 39% Off
The Power Joy is the perfect companion for aggressive women skiers who want a lightweight, yet powerful ski. A Worldcup Sandwich construction is enhanced with lightweight materials resulting in a hard-charging, dynamic ski. New in HEAD's Joy lineup, the Power Joy is an agile and powerful women's ski for experienced, race-oriented skiers. Based on HEAD's best-selling Supershape design with a high-performance Worldcup Sandwich construction, the Power Joy benefits from lightweight materials resulting in a hard-charging, dynamic ski for women.
The Total Joy offers advanced women a high-performance ski for the entire mountain. A new design lengthens the sidecut, making the Total Joy more forgiving and versatile in a variety of turn shapes. HEAD focuses on managing weight distribution by using carbon in the poplar core, resulting in a lightweight yet strong all-mountain ski. Better Balance technology puts women in an optimum position for easy turn initiation and stability on the slopes.
The big mountain weapon of choice for many an elite level freerider, the Black Crows Atris Birdie Skis are back unchanged since last season's move to a 105mm waist, and just as potent when the going gets steep, deep and gnarly. A uniquely versatile shape blends big mountain stability with the option to pivot on a dime (or a centime) when you really need to in tight quarters, which goes a long way to explaining the popularity of the Atris skis. If you haven't tried it, get on an Atris Birdie and see what all the flap is about, you won't be disappointed.
Perhaps the most versatile choice in Black Crows' vast women's line, and the most popular from year to year, the Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis provide the best compromise between hard snow and soft snow performance and remain perhaps the best "quiver-of-one" choice in the business. A semi-cap stepdown construction around a solid Poplar wood core means predictable and durable performance for the coming season and many more, and the 97mm waist width is more than capable when the freshies arrive.
$354.99 - $479.00 $599.95 Up to 41% Off
Designed for 14-18 year olds, the Camox Junior is very lively with a 16-17 metre radius and has enough width to be comfortable anywhere. Its forgiving flex makes it very accessible and grippy. Its classic camber and double rocker offer pivot and ease of steering. A wild ski for wild kids.
The widest ski in Black Crows' touring range, the new Black Crows Draco Freebird Skis replace the Ferox in the 110mm waist category. With a less five-pointy tip shape, longish 21 meter sidecut, and smooth flex, the Draco is somewhat easier to handle in tight spaces and less demanding in critical maneuvers. As with the other Black Crows touring models, the Draco refuses to sacrifice downhill performance in the interest of light weight. A great choice for mid-winter touring and deeper days in the backcountry.
$479.95 $959.90 Up to 50% Off
A new all terrain ski aimed at the wilder adventures. The Justis has a waist surface sufficient for going far and wide, a double titanal plate for committed skiing and a good dose of rocker for perfect control. A ski for those evolving in the ski areas who want a ski which can safely take them further away.
$749.95 $900.00 17% Off
The Atomic Bent 110 takes a similar approach to the mountain as the Bent Chetler 120, with slightly less width. It’s Jossi Wells’s go-to ski for backcountry freestyle, charging lift-served pow laps and days where it’s deep, but not 120-deep. The Bent 110 is designed with HRZN Tech Tip and Tail for a playful performance and better float through blower without adding bulk to the ski. The 110 features a bit less rocker in the tail than the 120 but still charges through variable chop and crud. A Light Woodcore reduces weight and keeps the performance responsive. With topsheet and base art by Chris Benchetler, the 110 is wholly reflective of his approach to the mountains: creative and unique.
$548.80 $650.00 16% Off
Built for the little ones eager to rip with the big dogs, the Atomic Bent Chetler Mini Skis endow junior skiers with the opportunity to charge just as hard as those who came before them. Built on the same specs as the original ski, the Bent Chetler Mini offers kids ages 5 to 13 years unlimited freeride potential in softer terrain. Atomic’s Powder Rocker Profile generates a steady rise in the tip, allowing for unlimited float in deeper snow without compromising performance on hardpack conditions. Equally surfy as it is precise, the Bent Chetler Mini is tailor-made for ambitious kiddos born to lead the charge and never look back while doing so. With an eye-popping graphic fit for a king, these freeride destroyers look just as sweet as they ride—endowing the Atomic Bent Chetler Mini Skis with a well-rounded profile meticulously engineered to stand out from the crowd.
$479.00 - $599.95 $599.95 Up to 20% Off
Atomic Bent 100 is a go-everywhere, do-everything all-mountain ski. From powder to piste this is the ski of choice for any day. Every day. The Atomic Bent 100 is a do-everything freeride ski. With art and build design by ski legend Chris Benchetler and the Atomic Freeski team, this all-mountain ski is a slimmed-down version of the award-winning signature model, the Bent Chetler 120. Dennis Ranalter calls it "the perfect all-rounder". With a versatile 100mm waist, the directional shape of the Bent 100 features HRZN Tech in the tip and tail for increased surface area and float. The Light Woodcore and generous Powder Rocker encourage you to slash and slarve the entire mountain from the peak to the park. Dura Cap Sidewalls offer controlled power transmission and commanding edge grip on harder snow. Whether it's fresh snow, deep untracked, or hard variable conditions, the Atomic Bent 100 does one thing better than any other: it lets you ski like you. Powder Rocker 20/70/10: - Pronounced tip and tail rocker combined with camber underfoot for deep and variable snow.
$699.95 $850.00 18% Off
The Atomic Maven 93 C Skis are tailor-made for fun-loving skiers who demand performance in any corner of the mountain and on any snow. An OMatic Lightwood core with Carbon Backbone give this ski a lightweight maneuverability second to none, while Dura Cap sidewall construction (sidewall underfoot, cap at tips and tails) and ample torsional stiffness let you carve up the hard stuff with confidence.
$309.95 - $372.00 $372.00 Up to 17% Off
Atomic Maven Girl 130-150 is an ideal ski for adventurous girls aged 8-12 who want to show the boys how it's done. The Atomic Maven Girl 130-150 is a super versatile all-mountain ski for young girls aged 8-12 looking for a performance junior ski. This ski features All Mountain Rocker for smooth turns, while the camber provides precision grip where it's needed. Bend-X Technology also allows even the lightest skiers to bend their ski, making turns easier and more powerful. The dimensions of the ski adapt as length increases, so the Maven Girl 130-150 has a little more waist width and V-shape to support the progression of growing skiers. It's fast, durable and fun, and built for girls who like to show the boys exactly how it's done. - Bend-X Technology: A special flex zone underfoot so light skiers and children can bend the ski for easy turning. - Densolite Core: A foam core that's agile and dampens vibrations – for effortless skiing. - 8-12 Years - Junior Trak M
$599.00 $900.00 Up to 33% Off
The widest ski in the Maverick range, the Atomic Maverick 100 TI is built for steep gullies, powder filled back bowls, tight trees, and everything in between. The new all-mountain OMatic Construction uses a Titanal layer to create the ideal balance of stiffness and flex, delivering rock-solid stability from tip to tail. The playful Flow Profile utilizes more rocker and a shovel tapered HRNZ tech tip to create a ski that carves through chop and crud as well as it floats in fresh powder. Tested and validated by local skiers in Whistler, Alta, and Jackson Hole, Maverick 100 TI is built to ski every mountain in any condition. - WEIGHT: 1800 G / 180 - SIDE EDGE ANGLE: 87.5° - BASE EDGE ANGLE: 1.0° Tech Features: - OMatic Core - Dura Cap Sidewall - Flow Profile - Light Woodcore - Directional Shape - World Cup Base Finish - Titanium Powered - Flat - All Mountain Rocker 25/60/15
$749.50 - $749.95 $900.00 17% Off
Bulletproof but an epic storm system is rolling in around 11am? Already tracked out, but you know there's still pockets of goodness to be had? Grab the Atomic Maverick 95 Ti Skis and know you're covered either way. The 95 Ti gets out vote for the most versatile ski in the Maverick collection, and the one we'd take if we were going on a trip and didn't know what to expect for snow conditions. This ski more than holds its own in a pack of groomer zoomers, but takes to the backcountry, chop and freshies seamlessly - put on your handyman cap and get down to it with the Maverick 95 Ti.
$799.95 - $799.99 $799.95 - $875.00 Up to 9% Off
Bringing light to new heights, the ARV 116 JJ UL floats like a butterfly and cuts like a butter knife for a definitive BC freestyle experience. The JJ UL is 25% lighter than the original JJ and has been a team favotite since its inception. With less weight through the tip and tail, the JJ UL utilizes our lightest Caruba Core to create a uniquely lightweight and smooth ride when the going gets deep. Powder hounds, this ski will move fast off the shelves. Act fast, and put this limited edition JJ on your feet.
$849.95 $975.00 13% Off
Designed for the hard-charging all-mountain skier, the Declivity 102 Ti took the full-throttle thought process of the Declivity X and applied it to a versatile chassis built for mixed conditions. A full AR100 Sidewall, Articulated Titanal Banding, a light-weight Caruba Core and triaxial glass produce a ski that is powerful and damp without carrying excess weight. A fine-tuned flex profile and a modernized shape create a performance driven all-mountain ski with no speed limit attached.
$799.95 $975.00 18% Off
The Reliance 102 Ti is a resort charger’s dream. The character of a big-mountain ski with Articulated Titanal Banding and a stout tail inhabits a sleeker, more versatile chassis. That ensures stability when speeds pick up or you need to put down the landing gear while the 102mm waist makes the ski quick edge to edge. The featherweight Caruba Core and EST Freeride Rocker compliment the 102's burlier attributes for a package that's sturdy without being overly demanding. Click in and let ‘er buck.
$749.95 $850.00 12% Off
When you don’t know what the mountain is going to throw your way, reach for the Reliance 92 Ti. Six inches of fresh overnight? It’s ready. Bulletproof groomers? No sweat. The elongated tip rise and taper of the EST ALL MTN Rocker help the 92 Ti plane and initiate turns in deep snow and variable conditions. The full length AR100 Sidewall and Articulated Titanal Banding combine with the fully cambered tail to help the ski track confidently and hold an edge when things firm up. Any day in any conditions, the Reliance 92 Ti is ready.
$749.95 $850.00 12% Off
The goal was straightforward. Build a 15m radius ski that we can take to the groomers on an average day with friends, carve hard, trick around on, laugh and have a good time. No bottomless pow, no 80-foot booters, no racing gates. Make the most of average conditions at your local resort because piste skiing can be way fun with the right tools. 100mm under foot, featuring a straight-tapered, edgeless butterzone in the tip and a rockered Springboard Tail for endless wheelies and extra pop, the all new Stranger merges carving with freestyle and freeride attributes.
DEXTERITY AND GRACE The BNK (formerly Big Nose Kate) has an updated profile for the 21-22 ski season with more sidecut and more versatility. It's an all-terrain, all-mountain, handcrafted downhill ski. With its minimized traditional camber & early rise tip, tight turns are effortless from stash to stash. Like its namesake, this ornery cuss of a ski takes nothing and leaves nothing, ripping through any terrain with dexterity and grace. All of our skis are handmade in Denver, CO at the Meier Craft Skiery and are backed by a 2-Year warranty. Base and sidewall color on ski may vary. LOCAL NOD With a nod to local history, the Meier ladies ski honors Mary Katherine Horony Cummings, (aka Big Nosed Kate) was the girlfriend and intellectual equal to Doc Holiday. CAMRISE CAMBER TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT SPECS Level : Intermediate, Advanced, Expert Gender : Female Binding : Flat Lengths (cm) : 147, 155, 165, 173 Sidecut Radius : 16m, 18m & 20m Tip/Waist/Tail : 131-92-121 Weight: 5.9 - 6.75 lbs
THERE'S A LITTLE HOSS IN ALL OF US Be in charge wherever you go with these “turny” big mountain hard pack freeride skis. Built for rippers, these freeride skis need speed to turn. The harder you push them, the better they will perform! These all mountain skis can charge in any situation the mountain can throw down. All of our skis are handmade in Denver, CO at the Meier Craft Skiery and are backed by a 2-Year warranty. Base and sidewall color on ski may vary. LOCAL NOD The biggest bull on the range can't be contained. CAMRISE CAMBER TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT SPECS Level : Intermediate, Advanced, Expert Gender : Male Binding : Flat Profile: Traditional camber underfoot with a slight lift in the tip. Lengths : 170, 175, 180, 185, 191 Sidecut Radius : 15m, 16m, 17m, 19m Tip/Waist/Tail : 144-104-133 Weight: 1619 - 1881g (single ski)
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