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$29.99 - $39.99
Kiss your ski wax tools goodbye with Faststik, a microfilm polymer blend designed to deliver superior performance from -10 to 32 degrees. (0c to -23c) At only 35 grams and the size of a key fob, light weight and portable Faststik is ready to roll-on the fly. Master the mountain on a powder day or be crowned king of the corduroy on groomers with Faststik’s revolutionary technology. Ski, snowboard, backcountry, Nordic, tele mark, easy-to-apply Faststik handles it all like a pro with none of the hassle and fuss of traditional ski and snowboard waxes.
Here is our season tune card! With purchase of this item, you then guaranteed as many tunes and waxes as you'd like for the rest of the season. This is a huge way to save money and keep your snow gear in top shape all season long! *Please note that this is limited to one pair of skis or a snowboard*
Its a bag, for your ski's
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