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Racing Skis

$899.00 $1,075.00 16% Off
The Head Shape e-V10 SW Skis with Protector PR 11 GW Bindings is for skiers who spend most of their time on groomed terrain making symmetrical turns, the Head V-Shape V10 is an amazing choice. It’s light, quick, and energetic, and loves to be on edge, with great grip and amazing turning ability. With just a bit of extra width to really make the ski more versatile, these skis will do anything you want, just at a bit slower of a pace. They’re all about allowing you to enjoy and maximize your time on the hill, while progressing your skills at the same time. Built with a wood core with graphene, these skis get quite a bit stiffer without adding much weight. This makes them incredibly quick and agile, and capable of making a whole lot of turns. The Karuba wood core is also bolstered by carbon, adding that next dimension of light weight performance to the V10. One of the things that makes this ski stand out most of all is the shorter turn radius. At 13.6-meters in the 170, it’s on the short side of the spectrum, and skiers who prefer to make more turns at mellower speeds will really gravitate to the V10 and its agile and nimble nature. With an 85-millimeter waist, the Head Shape e-V10 SW Skis with Protector PR 11 GW Bindings have a well-rounded shape for a bunch of different ski styles and applications that are sure to appeal to a wide variety of skiers.
$499.00 $625.00 20% Off
The Head Shape e-V2 Skis w/ PR 11 GW Bindings are a perfect set up for beginner or intermediate skiers who are looking to purchase their own equipment for the first time from rentals, or just getting into the sport. At 70- millimeters underfoot, the V2 is a narrow and quick turner that loves to be on edge. These skis and their shape border almost on a race shape, so even beginner skiers are going to get the feeling of speed and smoothness from the V2 and its narrower waist shape. This shape also helps with making for better torsional stiffness and edge grip, increasing confidence and the overall fun factor. Built with Head's V-shape, the skis have a wide shovel and a narrower waist and tail, making it easy to point and shoot the skis to where you want to go with as little effort as possible. Sure, you can push them a bit harder, and they'll hold up, but the shape is made to make the sport easy and fun for beginner and intermediate skiers who are looking to get into their first pair of skis. Skipping the rental lines and heading straight for the lift lines, or just getting started in the sport has never been easier or more fun than on something like the Head Shape e-V2 Skis w/ PR 11 GW Bindings.
$699.00 $850.00 18% Off
Fun and playful, the new Shape e.V5 is an easy-turning, frontside ski. The construction includes woodcore composite with sidewalls, enhanced in the front with HEAD's EMC technology, which absorbs negative vibrations creating a smoother ride. ERA 3.0 makes turn initiation a cinch thanks to the rockered tip combined with full edge contact for groomed snow performance. The agile 74-mm waist and LYT Tech materials result in less fatigue for a full day on the slopes.
$795.00 - $819.00 $1,284.00 Up to 38% Off
The Supershape e-Titan returns unchanged for 2023 besides a fresh paint job. It is part of the wicked-fast, frontside-oriented Supershape series, some of our favorite carving skis ever. The widest ski in the Supershape bunch, the e-Titan has been beefed up to an 84mm waist to give it even more versatility. Graphene keeps the skis light and powerful, while Race Structured Bases and World Cup Sandwich construction means that the e-Titans prefer life in the fast lane. What separates the Supershape series from other high performance frontside skis? The EMC -- Electronic Management Circuit. Uniquely tuned to allow good vibrations while reducing negative ones, EMC delivers smooth skiing and superb edge grip, regardless of the conditions. Not to mention that Head has been able to move more weight from the center of the ski towards the tips, creating a more balanced flex, easier engagement, and quicker edge-to-edge changes. These skis love to be driven hard by aggressive, fast skiers, but what has defined the Supershape series for years is that they stop short of being full-blown race skis. Speed Rocker and ERA 3.0 technology make them surprisingly easy to ski at various speeds. So whether this is your first foray into the world of race-like skis, or you've been laying down perfect carves for decades, the e-Titan's unmatched combination of versatility, skiability, and performance should cement a place on your short list.
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