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Headwear & Neckwear

This Mori 2.0 beanie from Black Crows is perfect for this winter! Assets : Excellent mesh Optimal comfort Guaranteed warmth Technical characteristics : Large knitted hat Emblem on the front Warm and sober : all-purpose
COLORS NOT YET PICTURED Its a neck warmer. It keeps your neck warm in the snow :)
Kids comfortable multi-purpose balaclava Product description for Arva BALACLAVA XTREM JUNIOR, Black Headgear Children The Balaclava Xtrem Junior by ARVA is a multi-purpose technical balaclava for kids with 6Fit pattern, wind-resistant front panel and optimized breathing holes. In addition to providing enhanced protection in bad weather, the Balaclava Xtrem’s practical design allows you to wear it 4 different ways depending on conditions. With its 6Fit construction, the Balaclava Xtrem Junior by ARVA provides maximum comfort in addition to incredible warmth, even when worn under a helmet. 6Fit Pattern: The upper part of the balaclava is made with 6 panels of fabric to hug the shape of your head. The flat seams reduce chaffing when worn under a helmet Multi-purpose: Use this extremely handy and versatile piece of gear in at least 4 different ways Wind resistant: Extremely effective in protecting you from the wind Maximum ventilation: Ventilated fabric near your mouth makes it easier breath and improves comfort Weight: 65 g
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