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All-Mountain Snowboards

Drake Cocktail
This surfy board is just a beauty to ride on those mega pow days. It floats like a feather and is a fun ride for all our real mountain lovers. This year's graphic really takes us on a journey to the real deep Japan pow. Don’t let its shape trick you, this board also performs amazingly on paste with its super-fast Sintered base and performer pop wood core complete with UR’INSANE sidewalls for an extra smooth ride. SMOOTH CLASSIC camber DIRECTIONAL blunt shape SINTRA 8000 base tech UR INSANE absorbing tech Aspen woodcore
Drake DF
The DF is for the party animal in all of us. The Twin tip shape with a double hybrid camber profile gives you power under your feet, offering performance and stability at high speeds while remaining catch free when cruising through the park. Complete with a Sintered base, Super Pop wood core and UR’INSANE sidewalls. Its soft flex makes it great for presses, yet this particular camber profile also makes it nice and floaty when nipple deep in pow. DOUBLE camber TWIN TIP blunt shape SINTRA 6000 base tech BIAX fiberglass Aspen woodcore
The Tao is known to keep the balance of the universe, it is the ying and the yang maintaining the perfect flow of things. Hence why the new board in our collection. We actually took the existing Urban and made the Tao. With so many women riding it and so many men loving it, it just came so naturally to make a unisex board. The skate camber makes it a super cool jibbing board and the Ur Insane sidewalls absorb vibrations during edge catch. Now also in size 145 makes it a great fit for both women and men. The vase on the nose is designed by our PRO team riders Jake and Joe Simpson and the tail by Paula Benito. The snakes in the middle are a creation of our graphic designer Michele Tombolan who worked with the team to create a design that would embrace the idea of TOGETHERNESS. Who wouldn’t want to ride this sick board?! SKATE camber TWIN TIP blunt shape EXTRUDED 4000 base tech UR INSANE sidewalls Aspen woodcore
Drake Team
Have you ever wanted to date a freaky alien? We’ll check out the psychedelic funky graphics on the center of our new Team. It’s our rider's number one! Directional Twin shape combined with its updated camber profile ‘Smooth Classic’ that is shorter and therefore more forgiving at low speeds yet responsive and grippy when bombing hills or stomping big rotations. The NEW UR’INSANE absorber is what reduces shocks while speeding down those hills and the Hybrid fiberglass assures precise control. The Carbon Kevlar Rods running the length of the board add plenty of pop without compromising torsional flex. SMOOTH CLASSIC camber DIRECTIONAL TWIN blunt shape SINTRA 8000 base tech CARBON RODS UR INSANE absorbing tech Aspen woodcore
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