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Arva Arva Evo5 Avalanche Beacon

Arva Arva Evo5 Avalanche Beacon
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The Arva Evo5 Avalanche Beacon is the newest iteration of Arva's successful Evo line of beacons - and this one is more compact and simple to use than ever. Checking all the boxes with a 50m search strip width, multiple buried victims indicator, group check, mark function, and an automatic revert-to-transmit mode, the Arva Evo5 also happens to weigh a paltry 170g and fits in the palm of your hand.

  • 50m Search Bandwidth – Bandwith corresponds to the size the area «scanned» by the searching device. The device’s search area increases as bandwidth increases. This criterion is often used to compare beacon performance.

    Interference Management – Interference management maximizes the device’s performance in search mode in an environment «overrun» by electromagnetic interference. To accomplish this, the device in search mode automatically reduces the bandwidth and ignores all other frequencies to focus solely on the beacon being tracked. This function can be deactivated by the user.

    Automatic Switch Back to Emission – During a search, in the event of a secondary avalanche, the return to transmit function allows the device to automatically switch back to transmit mode. This switch is activated either by timer after a certain period of time of user inactivity, or by motion detector after a certain amount of time where the device has not moved. Configure these timeframes in your beacon’s settings menu.

    3+ Multiple Victim Indication

    Digital Signal Processing

    Marking Function

    Group Check

    U-Turn Alarm

    3 Antennas

    Auto Test

Small But Powerful – Despite its compact size, the latest addition to the ARVA range offers performance worthy of a great one. 50m of search bandwidth, marking function and interference management for smartphones and other electronic devices are available. The automatic return to emission in the event of an over avalanche also ensures an increased level of safety. The group-check and U-turn indication complete the functionalities to facilitate the use of the device.

Miniature DVA – The EVO5 is the smallest DVA ever designed by the ARVA brand. With only 11cm in height and 7cm in width, it is one of the most compact detectors on the market. Its size and light weight of 170g allow it to be forgotten without neglecting performance in an emergency situation.

Carrying Options – The EVO5 comes with a carrying strap and a leash to allow the camera to slide into a pocket while keeping a solid attachment around the waist. A holster for traditional porting will be available as an option.

Beacons Require Training – Wearing an avalanche beacon is no guarantee of safety in avalanche terrain. We recommend that backcountry travelers take an AIARE Level One class or the equivalent, and practice the skills they learn there regularly with their partners.


Analog/Digital Digital
Range 40M
Antennae 3

* Subject to change without notice.


How do I use group check mode on my ARVA Evo 5

How do I use group check mode on my ARVA Evo 5